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Planning a Party?

Party rentals play an essential role in planning and organizing an event or a celebration. Whether you need the perfect finishing touches for a small gathering or the entire floor of a grand reception, you’ll find what you need with our service. We have provided party rentals and services for just about every type of event, every theme, and every venue you can imagine.

It is all about the Details

We understand how important your event is to you. The last thing that should happen is for your party to suffer because all factors weren’t considered during the event planning process. We have a full range of services from the delivery and installation of your party rentals to helping you design and produce all the details of your event. While every customer and event is unique, you can rely on us to help you understand all the options and possibilities available when planning that perfect event.

Our full attention

We’ll start by taking the time to understand all the details of your vision for how you want your party to look and feel. We know exactly which questions to ask to help you uncover any details and considerations you may have overlooked. Our team is dedicated to making sure not even the smallest details fall through the cracks.

An ounce of prevention

We’ll alert you to any potential concerns or issues that might surface. Depending on the situation, we can help you create emergency plans so there are no unwelcome surprises on the day of your event. Our team is dedicated to making sure not even the smallest details fail. You’ll be at ease knowing that our entire team has your back.

Come see for yourself and visit one of our showrooms here in Chula Vista, CA to experience the full scope of possibilities for your next event. Our team here at Roxanne's Only Prettier! Events will help you achieve the perfect touch and the event of your dreams. Contact us (619) 259-5498 to discuss some party rentals.